Friday, 17 March 2017

Federation Day!

Science Week Federation Day! 

Today we went to Sutton Infant School for our termly federation day. This one was celebrating Science Week!

We split into 5 groups and along with other children from Sutton and Catfield enjoyed 5 different Science experiments. They involved shooting rockets into the air and learning about pressure and different variables, learning about how plants grow and what they need, minibeast hunting in their fabulous wild area and a very special visit from Mad Science! 

In the Mad Science area we met a lady who taught us incredible facts about light. We put on some special 'prism glasses' and when we looked at any light we could see rainbows! We also learnt about electricity and how all electricity wants to be on the ground! Some people even touched a plasma ball and we saw what happened when they held a special light bulb. 

We had a really fun day, with a picnic lunch in the middle. Everyone went home tired (including the Teachers) but with their brains even bigger than before!!

Here are some quotes from the children:

"I really like playing with Jasper from Catfield" - Boyd

"I liked the Mad Science electricity experiment where they burnt peoples bogies!" - Faith and Beth

"I loved it when the bottles shot into the sky!" - Max

Photos to follow... 

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