Friday, 23 June 2017


In assembly this week we listened to the Heather Small song, ‘What have you done today to make you feel proud?’

We really enjoyed listening it! We then thought about what we have done to make ourselves feel proud. Here is a list of those things…

‘I managed to go across the whole of the monkey bars!’ – Ishtar, Reception

‘I had to capsize in my sailing lesson and I managed to get the boat back up again!’ – Theo, Year 2

‘I went to Catfield School yesterday and was really brave.’ – Boyd, Year 2

‘When I was one of the lead parts in the Christmas school play I was really nervous about doing it in front of people but then I did it really well!’ – Emily Ellis, Year 2

‘I’ve been practising how to do a cartwheel and now I can do it!’ – Lexie, Year 1

‘I was really proud of myself when I did backstroke in my swimming lesson!’ – Ebony, Year 1

‘I was proud when I didn’t drown in my swimming lesson!!’ – Bertie, Year 2

‘I can do a 1 handed cartwheel now! I am really proud of myself!’ – Emily N, Year 2

‘I’m really proud of my writing.’ – Hope, Year 1

‘I like diving into the pool, I’m proud that I’m not scared anymore!’ – Lily, Year 1

‘I was really nervous when I went to dancing but now I am not and I’m proud of that’ – Celene, Reception

‘I went canoeing with my friends and family and it was a bit tippy at first and I was scared but then I got used to it and I was ok! I am proud of that!’ – Travis, year 2

‘I’m really confident at swimming now, I’m proud of that!’ – Faith, Year 1

‘I went sailing with Oliver’s Grandad and I had never met him before so I was a bit nervous but he was lovely and I was proud that I didn’t get upset. I had a great time!’ – Beth, Year 2

‘I went sailing on a boat at the weekend on the broad and I tried it, I was proud of myself’ – Max, Year 1

‘I scored a goal at football and that made me proud of myself!’ – Henry J, Year 1

‘I capsized my boat and got it back up!’ – Oliver, Year 1

We also like the bit in the song where she sings… ‘It’s never too late to try!’ We always say that in school no matter what happens you can turn it around!!

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