Thursday, 4 May 2017

Hickling Food Fayre

Spending money...

Today Year 1 went to the Food Fayre at the chapel in Hickling. 

The children were put into pairs, given an amount of money and given a challenge.

The challenges included;

* Buy something for Mrs Barker's birthday
* Buy something for Miss Arnold's dinner
* Buy something the whole class could share
* Buy something healthy
* Buy something that Pepper dog would like (Miss Arnold's dog!)

The children walked beautifully and safely to the chapel. When they were there they were independent and could buy whatever they wanted! 

They used beautiful manners and talked to the shop owners about what they could afford. Some people got some real bargains and managed to buy things for half price or less! 
They were a real credit to the school and everyone seemed pleased to see us! 

When we returned back to school we shared with everyone what we bought and the Year 2's worked out how much change we had and how much we spent. 

See the photos below...

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