Friday, 11 November 2016

Week 9...

How to Catch a Star & Whatever Next!

This week all our learning in Year 1 and  has been based around a story called 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers. Miss Arnold was really mean and didn't let us read the book all week! She made us guess and predict and use our imagination!

First we thought of our own ideas of how we could catch a star. 

Ideas by Lexie, Year 1.

The next day Miss Arnold gave us some RUBBISH instructions of how to make an origami star! 
We all got really frustrated but we learnt that instructions have to be really clear and use imperative (bossy) verbs! 

The next day Miss Arnold gave us some instructions that were clear and had imperative verbs in. They were to make star biscuits. We all made biscuits in the hall and then ate them afterwards! We learnt that instructions have to be clear and concise! 

Finally today we wrote our own instructions about how to catch a star. We used everything we had learnt during the week to help us with our writing. 

 Max, Year 1
Beth, Year 2

In Reception we have been learning about the story 'Whatever Next'. All week we have been linking our learning to the story; counting stars accurately, re-telling the story, creating our own rockets and even having a picnic on the moon! 

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