Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Week 7

Marble Jar Treat...

Unbelievably our marble jar had become full! We get a marble in the jar every-time someone finishes the day with their peg on the 'Outstanding' smiley face in school. Everyone starts the day on 'Ready to Learn' and there are 2 smiley faces higher than that and two lower than that! (But mainly we all move upwards!)

We have had such great attitudes to learning, kindness and caring for our school that we had to chose what our treat would be. 
The children came up with some great weather relevant treats and we had a vote. The winner was movie afternoon with snacks. So...on Friday we all brought in our comfy clothes and settled down with popcorn to a choice of 2 movies, one in red room and one in blue room! 

After a few technical problems(Mrs Ward and Miss Arnold saved the day) movie afternoon continued!! 
We then had a great end of term assembly with Miss Wones and many grown ups.

Well done Team Hickling for a fantastic start to the academic year. Lets keep up our good work heading forward into...Christmas!!! 

Below are the WOW wall and certificate winners! 

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